Hello, and welcome to Qwill’s blog!

Oh, well hello – we’re so thrilled you’re here! And since you’re here, if you’ll indulge me… I’d like to take a moment to briefly introduce Qwill. Who we are, what we’re doing, and most importantly, why we’re doing it.

If you’ve been poking around, I’m sure you’ve discovered that Qwill is all about estate planning. That’s right – estate planning. An area so drab that even the most serious amongst us shudder at the thought. “Ugh, you’re doing a startup in… estate planning?”

But, here’s the thing – we genuinely see it differently. And as CEO and co-founder, I’ll be the first to admit that estate planning is depressing – at least as it’s historically been considered. More than that, it never seemed like it was for me. “Estates” are large compounds, right? Certainly with domestic help, a pair of tennis courts, a few rooms that are for looking, not touching…I mean, can you really have an estate without a tennis court?

But the truth is this: I don’t have tennis courts, just a family. A sweet little 2-year-old monster and the loveliest wife around. And we don’t have much, but we laugh a lot. We really do laugh a lot. When all’s said and done, they matter to me more than anything else. In effect, they’re my estate.

What I’ve learned (after a ridiculous amount of research) is that I’m not the only one that feels this way. Parents all over America know they have a responsibility to their families, but they don’t quite know what that entails, or where to start. It’s not just figuring out what happens to your kids should something happen to you, it’s also about securing your family’s future, and, counterintuitively, their past. You see, the things that really matter aren’t just legal docs and bank accounts – they’re pictures and stories and moments and treasures and social accounts and…well, everything that makes up you. And that’s the stuff you need to be protecting and passing on. Because as it turns out, you are the only expert on you.

So we’re doing this because we believe that family matters, matter. We believe that legal directives should be simpler. We believe that no one wants to be a burden. And we believe in a future where the past is tied to the present. We’re here to normalize the conversation, simplify the process, increase charitable giving, and if all goes well – to see a generation’s stories left to the next generation, and the generation after that.

Over the coming months we’re going to be writing about all kinds of great stuff on our blog. Legal topics, startup life, family life, cool shit we just can’t keep to ourselves. Subscribe and let’s leave some stories for the stars. #Capture Life, Pass It On.


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