Tax Season Round Up: Should you update your will?

Maybe you hate tax season...maybe you love it? We don’t judge — but either way, the season has arrived and you’re probably busy gathering documents from the past year. Putting aside cataloguing receipts and calculating expenses in hopes of a decent refund, your W2 is not the only document in need of a year-end check up. Often overlooked, that estate plan of yours might benefit from a refresh.

Got kids? Understanding Guardianship.

No parent wants to think about what would happen to their kids if something were to happen to them — but every parent should. It’s one of those thoughts that, as soon as it surfaces, sinks right to the pit of your stomach. Unfortunately, having kids doesn’t make us immortal (can you imagine, though?!), and... Continue Reading →

Do I need a living trust?

Living Trust - a term most of us only pretend to understand when it comes up in conversation. It’s uh...something that helps rich people avoid taxes? 😬 Well, buckle up! This primer will prepare you to talk your way through even the driest of company dinner parties, and help you decide if a Living Trust is something you should consider as part of your own plan. You in five minutes: "Inter-vivos you say? I can tell you all about that!"

What about Fido? 5 ways to provide for your pets.

With pet-related spending reaching nearly $70 billion a year, it's no secret that many people consider their fur babies to be family these days. But while we’re quick to pamper Fido and Fluffy with gourmet food and their own Instagram accounts (hey @itsdougthepug!), many fail to consider a very important question: What would happen to your... Continue Reading →

Death without an estate plan – what happens?

We’ve all had those moments. You’re just about to step off the curb and a car whooshes by to beat the light. Your tire blows out when you’re on the road and you make it to the shoulder just in time. Or you suddenly realize that it’s your tenth wedding anniversary and you forgot to... Continue Reading →

What happens to your digital footprint?

If you're not living at least part of your life online, then chances are you're not living in the 21st century – which hey, cool... if you've invented a time machine, we'd love a lift back to simpler times. While you probably don't have that time machine, we're betting you do have a smart phone filled... Continue Reading →

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