Got kids? Understanding Guardianship.

No parent wants to think about what would happen to their kids if something were to happen to them — but every parent should. It’s one of those thoughts that, as soon as it surfaces, sinks right to the pit of your stomach. Unfortunately, having kids doesn’t make us immortal (can you imagine, though?!), and... Continue Reading →

Capturing the Roots of Your Family Tree

It’s 2016 and I’m out with friends after work. We’re a few drinks in, and like all great sessions the conversation drifted from philosophy to technology, some politics (rarely any solutions), but mostly a ton of laughter. One topic in particular stuck with me though, and it was all about the future. For some context,... Continue Reading →

Why I Qwill: Meet Lauren Baideme

Welcome to the next installment of our Why I Qwill series, brought to you via our charming chatbot, Q. If you’re new here, these posts aim to introduce the team behind the company, diving into what really sets us apart from the rest - our people and their passions. This week’s interview focuses on our growth marketer,... Continue Reading →

Why I Qwill: Meet Alicia Hwang

Next up in our Why I Qwill series, meet co-founder Alicia Hwang!  Please state your name and describe your occupation for the court. JK! For me. Alicia Hwang, Director of Operations and Legal for Qwill. I help manage our day-to-day operations (e.g. payroll, expenses, bookkeeping), while also interfacing with our team of lawyers and legal advisors... Continue Reading →

Why I Qwill: Meet Paul Ruxton

Today we revisit the 'Why I Qwill' series to learn about our head of design, Paul Ruxton! For more info on the series and Q's interview with our CEO, check out Greg's interview.  If I may say so, Paul, that's one sharp tee you're wearing. Where can I get one? This is the limited edition Qwill... Continue Reading →

Why I Qwill: Meet Greg Glass

Welcome to the first entry of 'Why I Qwill' - an opportunity to learn more about the team behind the company. While most of us have at least dabbled in the startup world, we bring with us very diverse backgrounds, from musicians and lawyers to teachers and wilderness guides. What do we have in common? We're all... Continue Reading →

What about Fido? 5 ways to provide for your pets.

With pet-related spending reaching nearly $70 billion a year, it's no secret that many people consider their fur babies to be family these days. But while we’re quick to pamper Fido and Fluffy with gourmet food and their own Instagram accounts (hey @itsdougthepug!), many fail to consider a very important question: What would happen to your... Continue Reading →

Hello, and welcome to Qwill’s blog!

Oh, well hello - we’re so thrilled you’re here! And since you’re here, if you’ll indulge me... I’d like to take a moment to briefly introduce Qwill. Who we are, what we’re doing, and most importantly, why we’re doing it. If you’ve been poking around, I’m sure you’ve discovered that Qwill is all about estate... Continue Reading →

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